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Zhejiang Sincontrol Pump co., Ltd. is a smart pump manufacturer integrating R & D, design, production and sales. The company set up Hangzhou new control electronic technology Co., Ltd. as R & D center in Hangzhou. We have been working on the development and production of the intelligent control system. The R & D center is a team of senior technicians, five of whom are PHDs. Our company can develop new products quickly and provide perfect after-sales service according to the market demand.

The company has a personnel training base in five regions of the country and has established personnel training and technological innovation cooperation with eight universities directly under the Ministry of education, including Zhejiang University, Northwestern Polytechnical University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The company's research and development are pursuing "safe and quiet".

The company has built the core R & D team, with its own intellectual property rights, and is determined to be the leading enterprise in the global intelligent pump manufacturing industry. The company has developed a series of products, such as the stepless-pressure-control intelligent system, frequency conversion control, permanent magnet motor and so on. It has more than 50 patents (including eight invention patents), two software copyright and technological innovation, leading the application of intelligent water pump.

Zhejiang Sincontrol Pump co. Ltd. by Shares is to pay attention to the user experience, to survive in quality, and to develop with scientific and technological innovation. Our company has professional research in various fields, such as fluid mechanics, intelligent control, mechanical processing, and so on. It can make the whole system cooperate to reach perfection. Product production has a strict process quality control, a perfect sales network and an after-sales service system.

Zhejiang Sincontrol Pump co., Ltd. will stand at the commanding heights of the upgrading of the global pump and application system manufacturing industry, so that every partner can go further and steadily at the same time of maximizing profits.

SINCONTROL——Let “Intelligent manufacturing in China” to the world.


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